Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Run?

Virtual run is like exactly as any type of running but you can do anytime at any location, at any pace, inside treadmill or outside in another country. You free to choose when and where to do running. All you have to do is join virtual run.

What running apps can i use?

You may use any of the following app to track your progress such as Runkeeper, Nike+, Garmin Mobile, Strava, Huawei Health and other app that can track your progress. For complete listing of apps you can use please refer here.

Can I walk?

In our virtual run, we also allowed you to do other exercise such as cycling, etc and also walking. As we understand everyone have their standard run pace, most participants can complete in one outing. But you will also able to do multiple exercise / runs / walks until you complete your distance mission.

What if I can’t complete my run during race period?

We understand you as sometimes you busy with your daily life. We will ship your rewards and entitlement but priority given to participants who register early and submit their result. Dont worry, we still accept result submission after race period.

When will i receive my rewards and entitlement?

You will receive rewards after end of submission. We will notify you on Email. We will also update on social media once the postage on progress.

How much is the shipping fee?

Shipping costs are calculated based on carrier rates, delivery distance and packing complexity. Shipping fees will automatically be included during checkout.

Who can participate?

Everyone. We encourage participants of all ages and generations.

How do I submit my result?

Track and record your progress using run app tracker. Screenshot your result and submit it in My Runs.

Can I still submit my result after the race ended?

You must notify us by Email or DM us at Social Media. Our team will assist you.

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