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Merdeka signifies independence, freedom and sovereignty. This year will be 64th year we will be celebrating our independence as a free nation. Let’s getting together celebrate in unity for the love of our country MALAYSIA.

Join Now our Signature Event – Merdeka Virtual Run 2021.

Are you ready to challenge yourself 6.4 KM @ 64 KM?

TEMPOH PENDAFTARAN 28 July 2021 - 22 August 2021
TEMPOH LARIAN 31 July 2021 - 15 September 2021
JARAK LARIAN 6.4 KM / 64 KMKM (Joging/Walking/Workout)
1 KM = 1300 STEPS
Your run session can be done in one shot or make it accumulate
TEMPAT Anywhere (Indoor/Outdoor)
TARIKH PENGHANTARAN KIT Pada dan selepas 27 August 2021